Core Classes

Horizon Christian Program offers all academic classes required to earn a Alberta Education High School Diploma. Our teachers are experts in their fields, and strive to create engaging classes, with effective, meaningful teaching. High School courses are offered in -1, -2, and K&E streams, and we are committed to giving every student the opportunity to succeed.

Trades Programs

The Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP) is an apprenticeship program for high school students.


Traditionally, apprenticeships in Alberta began after students graduated from high school, however, some students identify their career interests at an earlier age and are ready to learn and practice their future trade while still in high school. RAP is an ideal program for these students.

RAP students are both full-time students and registered apprentices, dividing their time between an approved work site and their high school studies. They take regular courses such as English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Math in order to earn their Alberta High School Diploma or Certificate of Achievement.

The time a RAP student spends at school and on the work site can be quite flexible. The student, school and employer jointly agree on a suitable schedule. The student might work as a RAP apprentice for a semester, for half of each school day, or during summers, holidays and weekends.

The RAP apprenticeship ends when the RAP apprentice finishes high school. The RAP apprentice is then automatically registered as a regular apprentice and the credit earned while in the RAP program is applied to his or her apprenticeship through the apprenticeship program.

Source: Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education

Work Experience

If you already have a Summer job lined up earn credits over the Summer! See Bryan Pritchard for more information. 

Summer Work Experience Forms

Work Experience courses allow students to gain high school credits while gaining practical, real-world experience. These courses provide opportunities for students to:

  • apply, in the workplace, knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through other course work
  • discover their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful work activities, situated in community-based work stations work sites in business, industry, government and community service.

In work experience programs, students are expected to reflect on the workplace experience and reflect on skills and knowledge gained throughout the term.