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Horizon Christian Program is an alternative faith-based public school program which is part of DA Ferguson Middle School and WR Myers High School. The program contains over 100 students from grades 6-12 and continues to grow every year. Our staff and students are committed to creating a faith-based, culturally-sensitive, education-centered environment which accommodates all student learning needs. We focus teaching students through a Christian lens developing empowered leaders with the skills and faith to succeed and thrive after graduation.


Student success is a priority in the Horizon Christian Program. Teachers and support staff work together to ensure our students receive the best possible educational experience. Our staff utilizes the best practices for English language learners, differentiation, and student engagement.

At HCP, we are focused on ensuring our students have all of the opportunities and skills to succeed beyond high school. In addition to explicit language instruction, we offer several courses and programs to help give students the opportunity to excel, explore opportunities, and develop and skills and confidence to be leaders in their community.


Mr. Scott Petronech and Mrs. Kim Hutzul


Mr. Sean Dupuis and Mrs. Tanis Machacek


Building Futures Through Christian Education


Our Mission: We are a faith-based and culturally sensitive community - empowering Christian families to build futures through education.


Our Vision: Creating an environment where Christian students and families experience a sense of belonging while respecting faith, culture, and language. Students receive an accessible and inclusive education while achieving a high school diploma. HCP advocates for our learners and their families to pursue opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential.